Monday, July 07, 2008

Five annoying things about me

This week in LitPark, Susan Henderson asked a simple question: What are your five most annoying habits. This caused me to sit back for at least ten seconds to consider mine. Here is what I posted at LitPark:
  1. I am a clutter magnet. I have a beautiful, roomy office with several storage cabinets and cubbies, but my desk always looks like someone dumped a box of assorted business materials, files, pens, and other unusual items all over it. As I gaze over at it, I can see the following:

    . A small can of Play-Doh (orange).
    . Broken things: two digital cameras, a cell phone, a watch, and a light bulb.
    . A flying fish car intenna flag from Catalina Island
    . My cartoon mentors: Gumby (flexibility); Felix-the-cat (resourcefulness) Rafiki (wisdom), and Sponge Bob (humor).

  2. I am a compulsive reader, especially when dining alone. I will read anything within eyesight and will get fidgety if there is nothing to read. When I am reading a novel, I slip out of this world and into the author's world so completely I lose interest in my own world--even my own writing, which is why I seldom allow myself to read novels when I am working on my own.

  3. I am a crackberry addict, who has been known to check email in business meetings, read blogs while dining alone (see number 2, re: compulsive reader) or write notes about the coming week during church.

  4. I am a computer geek to the detriment of my physical wellbeing. I would rather play at my computer than go to the gym with my husby. Because I also love to eat, this annoying habit is very noticeable to everyone who sees the extra fluff around my face and body.

  5. I accelerate fast, stop fast, and generally push my car and myself to the limit whether or not it's a hop across town or a long road trip. If you read between the lines, this is also a metaphor of my life.

What are your five most annoying habits? Tell us here and then swing over to LitPark and share them with the gang at the park.


AJ Harbison said...

I sympathize very much with your second and fifth points. I too get fidgety if there's nothing to read when I'm eating by myself. And I accelerate too fast as well. An even worse habit nowadays, since it wastes gas....

The Listening Blog

Matios said...

So. Basically. Wow. It's. A trip. That. Fragmented sentences. I love them. That was a complete one I think. I don't speak gud ... i g 2 kawleg

Just kidding. I mean I do. Wow. That was random. So I think it's amazing that I was browsing the interwebs and I ended up on your blog. And your last name reminded me of a friend's last name, so I go to her blog and I see she hasn't updated ...

So I say "Elisabeth, what the eff? You need to start updating your blog." And then she was on AIM, so I say, I think I found your mother, because I had my suspicions. And so ... wow.

You've raised an amazing daughter. Thank you for her mind.

Lynn Sinclair said...

Your mind needs to be constantly stimulated. Is that such a bad thing?

EJ said...

Your number 2 hit home with me. As much as I love Greece and would move there in a heartbeat given the chance, the one thing that drove me bonkers over there was my inability to read anything around me: menus, cereal boxes, road signs, billboards, or much of anything else. Couldn't even scan the newspapers as I passed on the street.