Thursday, July 31, 2008

Casa Bass: Sofabed and Breakfast in So Cool SoCal

Casa Bass is located in a countrified SoCal township only an hour's drive from the beach, the mountains, the desert, Hollywood, and only 30 minutes from Disneyland.

Guests at Casa Bass enjoy views of Mt. Baldy over the housetops across the street, while planes descending into nearby Ontario Airport glide overhead.

In addition to the private sofabedroom without ensuite facilities, guests have full access to the refrigerator that is always stocked with foodstuffs of dubious expiration dates.

Happy hour is served each evening beside the pool, with complimentary pomegranite/cranberry martinis and salt-rimmed, lemoned-up beers a house favorite.

A gourmet dinner prepared by our celebrity chef in residence may include such gastronomic delights as salmon florentine with garlic-empowered couscous; beer-can chicken with lemon peppering and garlic-smashed potatoes; shrimp amedea with olive-garlic sauteed vegetables over radiatorre pasta over-dente.

Stimulating conversation is guaranteed from Casa Bass locals. Patriarch of the casa is BassMan, a former Marine officer with a shrine of artifacts brought back from his visit to the private island of Iwo Jima. Carolyn holds the distinctions of writer in residence, celebrity chef, clutter-keeper and chauffeur. UCR student Ellebelle (21), when not chasing or being chased by her boyfriend, provides musical entertainment on the piano and is conversant in English, Spanish and Farsi. Jondude (19) will keep you in stitches with his Stephen Colbert opinions, while also recruiting you to join his Wii Rock Band, Sun Fun Warriors.

Snuggle up in the evening before the big-screen TV with house canines Tank, an Irish Jack Russell who barks in a brogue, and Buck, a velvet-faced beagador who snores. Both dogs are available to guests for snuggling, ball-chasing, and toe-licking.

Summer is nearly over, so book your stay at Casa Bass today.


Devon Ellington said...

Do not tempt me to descend there! ;)

I'll need the break -- HEX BREAKER releases tomorrow!

Carolyn Burns Bass said...

Woo-hoo, Devon! For anyone just stopping in, Devon is a writer friend whose paranormal thriller HEX BREAKER goes on sale tomorrow. Here's to you, Devon.

AJ Harbison said...

Hey, sounds good to me! What dates do you still have open? And are any of those dates showing a movie called Atonement?

The Listening Blog

Carolyn Burns Bass said...

AJ! Our movie date is still on. I've been waiting to see Atonement and think of you and Eleanor every time I see anything about it. I'll be in touch personally to set up something.

Robin Richardson said...

Fond memories at Casa Bass... I especially enjoyed the calming canine pedicures and the salmon florintine feast! Can't wait for the next opportunity to visit. Ciao~