Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My New Online Photography Site

For years people have asked me if I ever sold photos from my travels. I've been to some very amazing places and had once-in-a-lifetime experiences. On many of those occasions I didn't have a camera in hand, so I've written about them here in Ovations and at other places.

Internet technology, print on demand, and social media ave created a safe and easy way for photographers and other fine artists to show and sell their work online, without keeping an inventory. I've decided to take up the challenge of selling selected photographs through an art commerce website. Here are a couple of pages that contains one of my photographs along with shots from other photographers. This will give you an idea of the professionalism of photographers who are aligned with Fine Art America.

Here is a selection of photographs of Niagara Falls
Here is a selection of photographs of Avalon, Catalina Island

My Fine Art America photographer's page is still under development, but you can get a peek at www.carolyn-bass.artistwebsites.com.

I will feature other links in subsequent posts. Keep your eyes open.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ovations Is Moving...

Blogger has been a good place for Ovations over the years, and you've been great friends and supporters of my work. I've recently updated my author's website and created a blog there. I will no longer be posting here, so if you are one of my original Ovations followers, I hope you'll hop over there and subscribe to Ovations on the new site. It's all here:

Looking forward to seeing you there.