Sunday, May 21, 2006

Fun With Blanks

I created a new blog today. Logophiles and writers understand the power of a single word or phrase to change the meaning of a sentence. I thought it would be cool to offer a daily exercise to stretch your creativity, work-out your word power, massage your muse, or just start your day with the power of possibility.

I invite you to click on over and have Fun With Blanks.


jen smith said...

hi its jen i dont know how blogs work. how can i e-mail you?

Ovation Leader said...

Call me at the number on the card and I'll give you the email address. Or look on the front of the card and send email to the address that begins with Carolyn@


Marshall said...

I like your entries, but I wish you'd post more often. I did look at the blanks blog and left a comment.