Saturday, January 02, 2010

Life is a Novel You Write One Breath at a Time

Life is a novel you write one breath at a time. Although you don't choose each breath as intentionally as an author selects words to progress a character's story, each breath completes a moment that propels you toward the plot of your life.

Your life's plot is the purpose and intentions that carry you through each day. Here are some common genres found in literature that may help you determine the plot of your life:
  • Mystery: What clues have you uncovered that hints at your life's purpose?
  • Adventure: Do you have a map and compass for future exploration, or do you draw only from adventures in the past?
  • Romance: Romantics live for expressions of love and see beauty in common things and events.
  • Thriller: Do you live on the edge, surrounded by intrigue, dark forces and spine-tingling suspense?
  • Paranormal: Shades of things that go bump in the night, of fangs, and shadows, and eerie echoes from the otherworld are normal in your world.
  • Comedy: The difference between your life and a tragedy is your point of view. Do you hide behind humor or just can't help laughing through adversity.
  • Science Fiction: You know you were born in the wrong century and are still hoping jet-packs replace motorcycles and cancer is a thing of the past.
  • Fantasy: The realm of magic with wizards, dragons, fairies, elves, unicorns and other mystical creatures of classical or contemporary design fills your imagination.
  • Bestseller: You've taken elements from all the above and with smart choices, resourcefulness and perseverance, your life is exciting and you can't wait to breathe through another chapter.
Imagine your life as a novel. In what genre(s) do you live?

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Kathryn Magendie said...

Gawd - maybe all those at one time or other *laugh* - except maybe romance - I've never been much of a romantic....huhn. :-)