Sunday, May 13, 2007

A quiet Mother's Day morning

Awake again in the quiet of this Mother's Day morning. I've had the breakfasts in bed, muffins, eggs, sprigs of flowers in tiny vases, but this morning's peacefulness is the best gift of all. Tank, my canine son, is curled around my legs, while my human son sleeps. Husby worked until two a.m. and will sleep until about nine. My daughter's probably hugging her pillow in her dorm room across the valley and will greet us in church this morning. Life is profoundly good.

If you've read Ovations for a while (at least a year) you may recall this plaque that I created the year after my mother passed away. I run it each Mother's Day. It says everything I feel about Mother's Day. If you can't read the verse, click on the picture and it will open to a larger size.


Devon Ellington said...

Beautiful. And happy mother's day to you.

ellesappelle said...

Happy (late) Mother's day!

It was interesting reading the card you've posted since your mother died. My mum died two Christmases ago, and I also sometimes think about how lucky I was to even exist. Firstly my siblings' mother and my dad's first wife died young - if this hadn't happened I wouldn't be here. That sounds a terrible thing to say but what I get out of it is that maybe I am lucky to even be here, and maybe good things can come out of something as horrible as that. Likewise, my mother was an independent woman who travelled the world and didn't have to choose to marry my dad and have me later than a lot of women do. I'm lucky.

Carolyn Burns Bass said...

Devon~ Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had some time with your mom this Mother's Day.

ellesappelle~ The bittersweet blessings of life are hard to understand. Some people spend their life trying to figure out the whys and what-ifs. You seem to have grasped the simplicity of what is: You are here and you are blessed.