Sunday, May 08, 2005

Ovations to Mothers

My mother has been gone for nearly two years now. Never a day passes that I don't think of her in some way. A piece of music recalls my mother sitting at the piano playing and singing in her glorious soprano. I cook one of her recipes, meat and bean burritos, my favorite of all her delicious multi-cultural concoctions. Her face at about 55 years smiles at me from its frame next to my computer. She is an icon in my life, ever-present in spirit.

I was blessed with a mother who loved and nurtured me. She had her dark days, her battles with self-esteem, two failed marriages when divorce was a social no-no. But she knew how to love, to cuddle and stroke, and in that Midwest farm-style way to dish out love on a plate.

Yet I know many people who didn't have loving mothers. Their mothers were self-absorbed socialites, or neglectful harridans addicted to whatever substance gave them release, or pushy stage moms who lived vicariously through their children. Some of you were adopted and have never known your womb mother. If you had one of those mothers, I grieve for you. Your life may be the only good gift your mother gave you. Yet I know in this age of choice, you are here because she chose to give you life. Where you go with your life is your choice.

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Photo, design & verse copyright 2005 by Carolyn Burns Bass

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